This is a meeting summary. All members are entitled to review the official minutes, but they are not posted online in order to protect the privacy of our members and the PTA's internal discussions. Please contact the PS 111 PTA Board to request meeting minutes.

  • Meeting Type: General Membership
  • Call to Order: 9:33 am
  • Called to Order by: Caitlin Canfield, President
  • Meeting Adjounment: 10:47 am
  • Attendance: 55

Board Members in Attendance

  • Caitlin Canfield
  • Sally Atkinson
  • Christopher Canfield
  • Ana Kostic
  • Thu-Loan Dinh
  • Sonali Khandwala

School Staff in Attendance

  • Edward Gilligan, Principal
  • Gloria Jean-Bernal, Parent Coordinator


  • Greeting from Principal Gilligan
  • Approval of June 2023 minutes
  • General reminders
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Parent Q&A

Motions & Votes

Title Text Result
Approval of June 2023 Minutes The June 2023 Minutes are approved. Approved on Motion


Principal Gilligan

  • Students will be assessed in reading and math over the next month.
  • Picture day on 9/29. Volunteers needed.
  • 4th & 5th grades attending Lion King and Aladdin Broadway shows in March 2024. Will need to fundraise to offset the cost of these tickets.
  • Family Fridays returning.
  • Halloween character parade event in October.
  • Winter Wonderland returning in December, for first time since 2019.
  • Spirit Week in February 2024.

After-School Program Presentations

  • ICN Chess
  • Table Tennis
  • Kids in the Game
  • Girls Leadership

Treasurer's Report

  • New Co-Treasurer, Christopher Canfield, does not have access to most financial accounts, so only a summary could be presented.
  • Full report, from July 1 through next meeting, will be provided at next meeting.
  • Request for volunteers for the Budget Committee.

Box Tops

  • All Box Tops matched 2-to-1 this year, up to $500 in matching funds.
  • Please sign up using our referral code: DGXF5UUF

Proposed Bylaw Changes

  • Changes date for Fall elections for Members at Large.
  • All officers will be allowed, but not required, to become signatories on the checking account. Non-officer board members, such as Members at Large, will continue to not be allowed to be signatories.

President's Update

  • Please take the school family survey, so the PTA can better serve you.
  • The PTA's website went down last Spring. A replacement site will be created soon.
  • The new board does not control the PTA's former domain name, but was able to register a new domain: ps111pta.org.
  • A new email address has been created to contact the PTA: board@ps111pta.org.