This is a meeting summary. All members are entitled to review the official minutes, but they are not posted online in order to protect the privacy of our members and the PTA's internal discussions. Please contact the PS 111 PTA Board to request meeting minutes.

  • Meeting Type: General Membership
  • Call to Order: 6:35 pm
  • Called to Order by: Caitlin Canfield, President
  • Meeting Adjounment: 7:42 pm
  • Attendance: 21

Board Members in Attendance

  • Caitlin Canfield
  • Sally Atkinson
  • Christopher Canfield
  • Ana Kostic
  • Thu-Loan Dinh
  • Negesti Thompson

School Staff in Attendance

  • Edward Gilligan, Principal
  • Gloria Jean-Bernal, Parent Coordinator


  • Updates from Principal Gilligan
  • Approval of November 2023 minutes
  • PTA Updates
  • Treasurer's Report
  • PS 111 PTA in 2024
  • Proposed Bylaw Changes
  • Proposed Budget Amendments

Motions & Votes

Title Summary Result
Approval of November 2023 Minutes The November 2023 Minutes are approved. Approved on Motion
Budget Amendments A set of budget amendments was presented by the Treasurer. The following changes were made:
  • Increase revenue projections in multiple categories due to higher revenue than expected
  • Add appropriation for movie license.
  • Add appropriation for sales supplies (bubble wrap, bags, etc)
  • Reduce appropriation for PTA office supplies, as the PTA is well stocked.
Approved by Vote
Increase Scholastic "Free Book for Every Student at Book Fair" Appropriation The Treasurer requests that the "Free Book for Every Student at Book Fair," which uses Scholastic Dollars, be increased by 1 Scholastic Dollar per student, to account for sales tax. Approved by Vote
Approval to Use Krispy Kreme Certificates for Events The PTA may use Krispy Kreme Certificates, which were purchased to raise funds, to purchase and serve free donuts at events, not to exceed twelve. This restriction does not apply to the Spring Carnival. The number of certificates used for a specific event can be increased by an affirmative vote of the membership, or by an affirmative vote at an Executive Board meeting. Approved by Vote
Approval to Purchase Gift Cards for Staff The Board requests approval to purchase gift cards for staff, up to $150 in total. The expense will come out of the Teacher & Staff Appreciation budget item, which has had no spending so far. Approved by Vote
Approval to Provide PS 111 Glasses and/or Mugs from Inventory to Staff The PTA has approval to provide gifts of PS 111 branded coffee mugs, pint glasses, or wine glasses from the PTA’s inventory, of no more than five in any combination, to show appreciation to staff. Approved by Vote
Approval to Use Electronic Payment Method to Purchase Movie License The Board has approval to use an electronic payment method, including EFT, ACH services, or debit card, to purchase an Annual Public Performance Site License (“movie license”) from Swank Movie Licensing USA for no more than the amount appropriated in the budget. NYC DOE regulations require that the use of electronic payment methods are approved by the membership. Approved by Vote


Principal Gilligan

  • PS111 held a successful holiday concert for grades Pre-K to 2nd grade
  • The school was able to raise enough money to fund the upper grade’s music trip.
  • Vivian Rosario, who helps manage the outreach to PS111 families in need, has expressed her appreciation for all the donations during this holiday season.
  • KING recess support starting in January.

PTA Updates

  • PS 111 parent & community board member reported on the successful book drive. PS111 was able to donate 10 full boxes of new and gently used books. There is opportunity for future book drives.
  • PTA board member reported on successful 12/8 family appreciation event.

Treasurer's Report

  • Presented by Christopher Canfield, Co-Treasurer
  • Covered 11/16/2023 through 12/20/2023
  • Review of disbursements (1) and pending reimbursements (0).
  • Balance Sheet, Statement of Activities, Statement of Cash Flows & Budget
  • Treasurer was able to get missing statements for closed money market account, at no cost to the PTA.
  • Financial review of 2022-2023 is ongoing.

Proposed bylaw changes

  • Additional board position: Vice President for Engagement & Outreach
  • Board continues to have issues with achieving quorum at board meetings.
  • Further change to quorum rules at board meetings: board members who have missed the two prior board meetings, and are not present at the start of the current board meeting, are excluded from the quorum calculation. Intended to allow us to complete our work without resorting to removing board members, at the bylaws allow when three consecutive meetings are missed.

PS 111 PTA in 2024

  • Christopher Canfield, Treasurer, presented on the PS 111 PTA in 2024.
  • Long lead times for PTA to make disbursements, so we need to start planning now if we want to do more.
  • We have a bit of budgetary flexibility, because multiple revenue items are coming in ahead of projections.
  • Thank you to everyone who has donated, volunteered, and/or supported the PTA by purchasing merchandise or gift certificates!
  • Report with more details to come.

Parent Q&A

  • Parent suggested holding meetings during lunch. This wasn't suggested when we polled our families at the beginning of the to determine meeting times, but we can look into this further to see if it would be a popular option.