This is a meeting summary. All members are entitled to review the official minutes, but they are not posted online in order to protect the privacy of our members and the PTA's internal discussions. Please contact the PS 111 PTA Board to request meeting minutes.

  • Meeting Type: General Membership
  • Call to Order: 9:25 am
  • Called to Order by: Caitlin Canfield, President
  • Meeting Adjounment: 10:57 am
  • Attendance: ~30

Board Members in Attendance

  • Caitlin Canfield
  • Sally Atkinson
  • Christopher Canfield
  • Ana Kostic
  • Thu-Loan Dinh
  • Sonali Khandwala
  • Maria Messer
  • Negesti Thompson

School Staff in Attendance

  • Edward Gilligan, Principal
  • Gloria Jean-Bernal, Parent Coordinator


  • Updates from Principal Gilligan
  • Vote for Title I Chairperson and alternate chairperson
  • Approval of December 2023 minutes
  • iCamp presentation
  • Vote on proposed bylaw changes
  • Vote for new PTA board members, if bylaw changes approved
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Reimbursement request approval
  • PS 111 Day Report
  • Upcoming Events for 2024
    • Eclipse Viewing
    • Book Fair
  • Proposed Budget Amendments
  • General Parent Q&A

Motions & Votes

Title Summary Result
Approval of December 2023 Minutes The December 2023 Minutes are approved. Approved on Motion
Bylaw Changes New positions: VP of Outreach & Engagement, two additional at-large positions. Expedited elections for new positions. Passed: 10 for, 1 against
Election for VP of Outreach & Engagement Ana Kostic elected as VP of Outreach & Engagement. Passed: 10 for, 1 against
Election of two new members at large Rhonda Brockington & Sarah Best elected. Passed Unanimously
Reimbursements Reimbursements of ~$63 for the Sales Supplies budget line. Passed Unanimously
Budget Amendments A set of budget amendments was presented by the Treasurer. The following changes were made:
  • Increase revenue projections in multiple categories due to higher revenue than expected
  • Add appropriations for direct classroom support and Food & Beverage for Sale.
  • Increase funding for Sales Supplies
  • Reduce financial risk to PTA of Spring Carnival by reducing projected revenue & increasing expense appropriation.
Passed Unanimously


Principal Gilligan

  • City Knoll middle school, which shares the school building with PS 111, will merge with Facing History.
  • Salad bar is back!
  • State test approaching for 3-5 grades.
  • PS 111 is a homework-limited school.


  • STEAM after school program founded in 2021.
  • Electricity class: Grades 1-2.
  • Gadgets & Gizmos class: Grades 3-5.
  • Register by month or whole term.

Box Tops

  • Please participate in Box Tops program.
  • 10¢ per box top, plus 20¢ match for 2023-2024, up to $500 match.

Treasurer's Report

  • Presented by Christopher Canfield, Co-Treasurer
  • Covered 11/16/2023 through 12/20/2023
  • Review of disbursements (1) and pending reimbursements (0).
  • Balance Sheet, Statement of Activities, Statement of Cash Flows & Budget
  • Treasurer was able to get missing statements for closed money market account, at no cost to the PTA.
  • Financial review of 2022-2023 is ongoing.

111 Day Discussion

  • Distributed popcorn to students on 1/11, and had them vote.
  • Popcorn was a test of our popcorn maker: success!
  • Hope to make this an annual tradition.

Movie Night Discussion

  • Movie license effective starting on 2/9, the day of the 1st Movie Night, and lasts until 2/8/2025
  • Movie at first Movie Night will be Super Mario Bros!
  • Should we charge for admission? Discussion:
    • Admission free, but sell popcorn, drinks, etc
    • Charge $1 for admission
    • Ask for a suggested donation
    • Consensus: Do not charge for access, find other ways to raise revenue
  • Parent suggested selling toys.
  • Raffles?
  • Volunteers needed!

Budget Amendments

  • Direct spending per classroom: $111 per classroom, $222 for clusters.
  • Thank you to everyone who have submitted employer matches: We are ahead of employer match projections.
  • Spring Carnival revenue projection reduced to account for weather risk
  • Offset by taking 25% cash option from Scholastic Book Fair
  • Approve the use of in-person raffles, which we are allowed to hold under the A-660
  • Projections for food & beverage sales at events
  • Budget projection: From $1,100 projected deficit to $35 surplus!
  • Principal will not need as much from us to run in-school programs as projected, because of a grant and expense reductions. More details to come.