Support the PS 111 community by volunteering!

Volunteering does not require a large commitment of time. We have three types of volunteer opportunity: In-school, Events, and Committees.


In-school volunteers assist school staff with providing a clean, safe, supportive environment during school activities, such as lunch. These opportunities occur during the school day, and do not involve meetings or planning.

In-school volunteer opportunities:


Event volunteers are needed for a few hours on at least one of the days that the event takes place. There may also be one or more planning, kick-off, or training meetings, depending on the complexity of the event.

Event volunteer opportunities:


Depending on the committee, committee members may:

  • Read emails and other documentation
  • Contribute opinions by email.
  • Attend meetings, which may be in-person or remote.
  • Vote on proposals.

Committee volunteers are not required or expected to attend every meeting, as all of our volunteers have family and other responsibilities.

Committee volunteer opportunities:

Fundraising & Engagement Committee

The Fundraising & Engagement Committee serves two roles:

  1. Raise money to fund the PTA's work.
  2. Increase student & family pride in our school community.

Both are critical: The PTA cannot run school spirit and engagement events without funding, and there is little point to raising funds if we don’t spend a portion of those funds to show students and families that they are part of a school community that cares about them.

Members of the Fundraising & Engagement Committee:

  • Brainstorm ideas to raise money and increase engagement.
  • Help plan and run fundraisers and engagement events.
  • Attend planning meetings, and read, comment on, and make suggestions through email.
  • Ensure that all fundraisers & events meet DOE requirements and reflect the values of PS 111 and the PTA.

We need members with any skillset. Have you planned, or helped run, small or large events before? Please join! Do you have suggestions for a fundraiser or school spirit event? We need you! Do you like setting up for events, or working with children, or brainstorming with others, or reading DOE fundraising regulations (OK, no one enjoys that!)? Welcome!

Most importantly, do you want to work with other parents to build a better PS 111? Join today!

Join the Fundraising & Engagement Committee

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee ensures that our financial affairs are in order, and reviews our internal controls to protect against risks to the organization. Members may:

  • Examine financial records & transactions.
  • Review the quality of our record keeping practices.
  • Help ensure that regulations, bylaws, and policies are followed.
  • Identify weaknesses in our internal controls.
  • Make recommendations to improve the quality of our accounting and our internal controls.

Internal audits are a requirement of our Fidelity Bond (Internal Theft) insurance, and are a critical way that we ensure that the organization's financial affairs are managed properly.

Do you have a background in finance or accounting, have been involved in audits with other PTAs or volunteer organizations, or participated on either side of a corporate audit? We need your expertise!

Are you unfamiliar with the audit process, but would like to learn? We need you as well! You will follow a well-defined audit process, during which you will learn a useful skill while you provide an important service to the PTA.

Join the Audit Committee

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee prepares the budget, which includes revenue projections and expense appropriations, and submits it for approval to the membership. The budget is an important document, as no disbursements are allowed except those that fall within the budget's appropriations. The Budget Committee is chaired by the Treasurer.

There are two Budget Committees each year:

  • The Spring committee, which prepares the preliminary budget for the next school year.
  • The Fall committee, which updates the preliminary budget according to the needs and preferences of the new board, the membership, and the school.

Information about joining the 2024–2025 Budget Committee will be available in Spring 2024.

Join the Budget Committee

Cafeteria Volunteer

Cafeteria volunteers help the school staff in the cafeteria during the four lunch periods. They help provide a clean & friendly environment for our students.


  • Welcome the children to lunch, and let them know what's on the menu.
  • Encourage students to try different components of their meal, if they're not eating.
  • Help students open milk & other packages, if they request assistance.
  • Offer utensils, for students who forget.
  • Pick up trash that falls on the floor, so students don't slip.
  • At the end of each lunch period, wipe the tables and seats so students have a clean environment.
Volunteer to Help in the Cafeteria

Book Fair

The 2024 Book Fair ran from 2/5 through 2/10! Thank you to everyone who volunteered!

Our Book Fair is a celebration of reading that raises funds to support our students and school. In 2024, your support enabled us to provide a free book for every PS 111 student, to restock restock in-class libraries, and to purchase nine beautiful large rugs for the younger grades!

Book Fair volunteers set up the displays, run the checkout, help the students, and clean up after the each day.

The 2025 Book Fair will likely run in February.

Sign Up to Volunteer for Book Fair

Spring Carnival

The PS 111 Spring Carnival is two days of fun and excitement that features rides, bounce houses, games, face painting, and great food! In addition to being a fun event for our families and neighborhood, the Carnival is one of our biggest fundraisers.

Spring Carnival volunteers assist with setup, sell tickets and wristbands, staff the rides, keep the schoolyard clean, and clean up after each day. Volunteers can earn meal tickets, ride tickets, and ride wristbands as a thank you for their hard work!

Information about volunteering for the Spring Carnival will be available in late Winter/early Spring 2024.

Volunteer for Spring Carnival