What We Do

We enhance the education of every PS 111 student, while building relationships between the school and our families.

In the 2023–2024 school year, we will spend ~$57,500 ($142) per student, thousands of Scholastic Dollars, and thousands of volunteer hours, in support of our students, families, school, and neighborhood.

Additionally, we:

  • Assist with funding in-school activities.
  • Provide opportunities for families to engage with the school community, through volunteering and engagement events.
  • Run events that build school spirit, encourage reading, and provide fun experiences for our children and families.
  • Show appreciation to our teachers.
  • Work with the school administration to improve the school environment & experience.
  • Improve our school's infrastructure.
PS 111 Front Entrance

This year, our funding assists PS 111 with offering three major in-school programs:


Marquis Studios encourages student exploration of the visual arts, theater, music, and dance. Last school year, Marquis worked with the music teacher to put on a dance concert staring the younger students. This program benefits students in kindergarten through 2nd grade.


Salvadori Center teaches science, technology, architecture, and math using a collaborative, hands-on, project-based approach. This year, every student in grades 2–5 will participate in an in-class Salvadori program.

Recess Programs

Kids in the Game (KING) provides sports-based activities during recess on three days per week. This program helps students improve their teamwork and ability to play safely with others, while still providing students with opportunities for free play throughout the week.

Other Programs & Events

  • The Book Fair, where every student received a free book of their choice, paid for by the PTA.
  • The Read-a-Thon, which is a successful fundraiser that encourages our students to read.
  • The Spring Carnival, which will take place over a two-day period in 2024.
  • Family Movie Nights! 📽
  • Teacher appreciation events, such as lunches.
  • Smaller mixer & family appreciation events.

We are also replacing the broken air conditioner in the Science Room, and upgrading our classrooms through the purchase of nine beautiful large rugs and more than $1,100-worth of books for in-class libraries.